Fire Up Your Heart with The Queen of Pop
Ani Lorak gets back on stage after a short hiatus playing wife and mother
Ani Lorak fires up the hearts
The new Ani Lorak's studio album is now available on iTunes: smarturl.it/FireUpYourHeart
Watch a new Ani Lorak and Grigory Leps' music video for the song "Mirrors"!
The idea to ​​record Ani Lorak and Grigory Leps duet was originated long time ago. Artists have been searching for a song which would suit for both of them. And when Grigory showed Ani "Mirrors" they just realized - this song was written for them.
Ani Lorak on Instagram!
Ani Lorak got an account on Instagram! Follow @anilorak and don't miss any news from singer's life.
See new video of Ani Lorak "Hold me" on Ello!
Ani Lorak perfomance on the International contest of young pop singers “NEW WAVE 2011”
Ani Lorak going to “NEW WAVE 2011”!
International contest of young pop singers “New Wave” is a popular event for several years not only in Ukraine, Russia and Latvia, but also in countries near and far abroad. A millions television viewers watching and rooting for participants, and also interesting concerts of competition indicate that “New Wave” has became an awaited annual music event in Europe.

Ani Lorak is the 4th time will visit the contest "New Wave" in Jurmala. The singer will plunge in her usual friendly atmosphere for a ...
New video clip Ani Lorak “Sprosi”
Director, make-up, style – Marina Borschevskaya Operator – Dmitry Peretrutov “ L 'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
Our daughter's name is Sofia!
On the last year birthday Ani Lorak received a lot of wishes: creative inspirations, good health, happiness and endless love. But the most important and prescient wish to become an addition to the family. Relatives and friends wanted the appearance of a baby. What a surprise was the news, which a few months have flown all over the world, - Ani Lorak was pregnant. Country rejoiced and was worried about the singer all the time, while Ani was transforming, flourishing and preparing to become a ...
Ani Lorak became a Mother!
Our congratulations to Caroline and Murat with the long-awaited happens!

9 June at 22:50, they became the parents of a beautiful daughter.

Baby weighs 3 kg 290 g and her height 52 cm

We wish a good health, long and happy life for the little princess. Let it always pleases parents and native people her beauty, intelligence and good character. Let your family will be strong, united and happy!

«Finally happened joyful event in our lives with Murat, our Daughter was born, our Sun, our An...
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